unequal representation of women artists in an online art gallery marketplace

Working hard to gather up a round of world class gals for our mural walk, we came across a resource that featured a list of outstanding international murals. Among the fifty international murals being featured, there were graffiti artists, traditional muralists, abstract works, and realistic works. As we scrolled through, we came across many talented artists, from all over the world.

It wasn’t until item 11 on the list that the article showed a female artist, by the name of MP5.

In amazement, we kept scrolling to find what other woman artists they featured in the extensive list. It wasn’t until we got to item no. 17,27, 31, and 40 that we saw some fellow ladies! Five out of fifty artists is, in our humble opinion, a number far too low. In a world that’s ever-expanding and full of women, the mural industry is BOOMING with incredibly talented female artists, so there should be no excuse towards equal representation.

Mind you, this is a reputable site that collects donations and fundraising, and claims that they offer more “value for money than most”. Outside of hosting auctions and curating content for their favorite murals/artists, Widewalls also hosts “relevant” content in the form of magazine releases.

Anyway, you’re probably wondering who the other aforementioned ladies are. Here’s the list:
11. MP5
17. GLeo
27. Mademoiselle Maurice
31. Frau Isa
40. Zabou

This is one of the many reasons why we created Ladies Who Paint. It’s not to prove anything but the fact that women are not equally represented in their work. We are doing what we can to tip the scales a little further towards women.